Movements and Figures

Movement 20170111z, Movement 20170716j

Figure 20170219k, Figure 20170219m

Figure 20171017v

Movement 20171204j, Movement 20171204n, Movement 20171208d  

Figure 20180713j

Movement 20171204o, Movement 20171210h 

Figure 20180810m, Figure 20180810n, Figure 20180810r

Figure 20180905v

Figure 20181005f

Figure 20181002g, Figure 20180721d, Figure 20180714f, Figure 20180721r 

Movement 20180905r

Figure 20180914e

Figure 20181012a

Movement 20180915j

Figure 20180919f

Movement 20180927s, Movement 20181009t

Figure 20181005y

Movement 20181016t
Figure 20181017z


This collection of digitally processed compositions were produced using auto-scans made with magazine clippings that had a geometric quality and templates formed from the silhouettes of classical statuary.

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